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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  August 25, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "the journal" on dw. i'm in berlin. our top stories. un's officialhe that inspectors are welcome to investigate the suspected site of last week, a weapon to attack. in berlin, people wait in line to see the workings of government up close, even getting a chance to rush shoulders with chancellorm merkel. belgian grandthe prix.
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extended his overall lead. we begin with the latest of elements in the syrian crisis. member ofut unnamed the obama administration says the u.s. believes there is very little doubt that the regime used chemical weapons against civilians last week. the u.s. defense secretary says america's military is ready to take action if the president orders. meanwhile, the syrian government said it would allow u.n. inspectors to access the site of the alleged attack. >> the announcement came as the foreign minister met with the un disarmament chief. the regime said it would allow chemicals inspectors to investigate the suspected gas attack. at the same time, the syrian government warned the u.s.
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against military intervention, saying it would create a ball of fire that would engulf the region. but washington is not ruling out out. chuckisit to malaysia, hagel says the u.s. is ready for all eventualities. >> the president has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. to again, we are prepared exercise whatever options if he decides to employ one of those options. >> western leaders are increasingly convinced chemical weapons were used in an attack on damascus. a report by doctors without borders says 3600 were admitted to hospital suffering neurotoxic symptoms. of those, 355 have died. the attack has strong condemnation from around the world. were used, itapon
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is unthinkable the international community would not react strongly. syrian government accuses rebel forces of using chemical weapons. state media show these images of chemicals it said were discovered in a tunnel used by rebels. the items may be shown as evidence. for more, we go to our washington correspondent. >> washington officials are saying there is little doubt that the syrian government used chemical weapons in this attack. what does that mean for what happens next? obama has notnk decided yet how to respond. he will wait until the u.n. inspectors have done their work. it will be interesting whether inspectors will find something that can be linked to the syrian government. whatever the outcome, i am pretty much sure the american
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government is going to blame assad for the situation. and the pentagon will continue to make preparations for an attack on government forces. >> ok, the obama administration says it is evaluating its next step. what goal would any military intervention have? >> that is a very good question. i am not sure where i can find a good answer to that. assad's can take out air force. that is not a big problem. that would shift the situation of the war on the ground, but what would be the strategy afterwards? is there any sort of syrian strategy in the white house? i do not think so. it is interesting to listen to what colin powell, the former secretary of state, said today.
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he is very much to against an intervention i n syria, asking what will happen afterwards if islamists or al qaeda affiliates will take over? is the situation on the ground much better? i do not think so. you can hear other voices in washington. senator john mccain or senator volcker from tennessee. they are saying that that he would like to see an immediate military response from washington. >> thanks very much. to egypt now where the country's crisis moved to two courtrooms on sunday. the leader of the muslim brotherhood, mubarak, faced separate trials on similar charges in the deaths of protesters. both trials are expected to continue for some time.
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it is unlikely the legal proceedings will bring an end to the bloodshed. >> former president mubarak a sat unresponsive as he came on trial once again for complicity in the deaths of protesters. on court orders, he was released from jail thursday and put under house arrest in a move that has angered many. the proceedings of then adjourned until mid-september. security forces were on high alert in cairo. the case against the muslim brotherhood leader (. opened. this trial has been adjourned until october. he has been charged with incitement to violence. mor e unrest following si's removal last month. man says he trusts
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the judiciary. he maintains that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. neither the trial or mubarak case is set to be a short affair. they fear that will be the same for the conflict. >> in a few minutes, we will have all of this weekend sports action, including formula one. first, a look at other headlines around the world. haverities in myanmar restored order after a mob burned down shops and homes. officials say the violence flared as rumors spread that a muslim man had attempted to rape a buddhist woman. police in india have arrested
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five men wanted in the gang rape of a journalist. two suspects appeared in court sunday. photographer staged protests outside the court in solidarity with the victim, who remains hospitalized. thousands of firefighters are struggling to contain a blaze in california that has blackened hundreds of square kilometers. winds threaten to push the wild five and further into the 70 national park -- yosemite national park. weeks to go in to the national election in germany, most people agree there is little doubt that chancellor win a merkel is set to third term. those curious to see with that office looks like got their chance today as she opened her doors to the public as part of an annual government open house. >> open house at the chancellery
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does not mean you can just walk in, but many were willing to wait. >> i want to have a look inside. >> some were rewarded for their patience. chancellor merkel signed autographs. was a chance for germany's most popular politician to show off her people skills. >> she came up, shook my hand and said hello. she was cheerful. >> the chancellor also showed off some perks that come with the office. even more unusual sight at the economics ministry --the vice chancellor put on a cooking show. the finance minister held a mock press conference, answering questions about the greek financial crisis. >> their economy is still in poor shape, but it is not as bad as we thought. out of the woods,
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but it is headed in the right direction. >> dw's parliamentary studios also got in on the action, offering a peek kind t-- behind the tv. the public was treated to a variety of studio guest giving analysis. and they got an up close look at the sometimes, located world of news technology. >> formula one and sebastian -- prix to belgian grand remind fans why he remains the overwhelming favorite. previously in hungary last month. but things did not turn out that way. >> the look of a winner. it is looking like the red bull pilot will secure his fourth win. he outmaneuver the competition in the first curve and overtook lewis hamilton with ease.
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as the race wore on, he expanded his lead. his team commanded him to slow down and not take unnecessary chances. crossed the finish line 17 seconds ahead of alonzo. the ferrari driver put on a fine performance. alonzo also overtook hamilton, who said they could not defend his pole position start. the mercedes driver took third place. hamilton did over take -- one in the driver standings. so sebastian celebrated a picture-perfect race. his 31st grand prix victory. >> to soccer.
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there is plenty of action to bring you from the buddhist -- bundeslig. second-half goals secured victory for the visitors. a newcomer is still without a point in the campaign. the same goes for student art -- stuttgart. on saturday, reigning champion munich continued their perfect start to the season with their third win in three matches. but nuremberg did not make things easy. >> mid fielder made his first appearance for byron, and both failed to impress. showed ituremberg stuff early non-, carving out scoring opportunities. in the 15th minute he fired from 20 meters. byron missed a golden opportunity as the referee
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awarded a penalty even though it appeared as if the striker was at fault. but nuremberg keeper paried his spot kick. getook byron 69 minutes to into gear, but once they did, it was something to see. a header and a fine one it was. after that goal, the dam was broken and they came into their own. they came up with another awesome solo effort. the 2-0 final score. >> there were seven red cards in yesterday's action. three of them came in hanover, where the home side added more misery to the poor start to the season. >> after christian -- in his second yellow card, they knew the game was up. earlier the captain was shown red for bringing down the stir
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riker. hanover's player converted the penalty. he score just before the break. they were lucky to be down by just 2. >> i think the uncertainty is normal now. the players lack confidence. during halftime, i give them a tongue lashing. >> after the break, they came out strong. adam scoredminute, one back for the visitors. a few minutes later, he failed to tap in the equalizer in front of an empty goal. the score remained 2-1. hanover weren't immune to red. he was sent off for this dangerous foul. another disappointment. they face an uncertain future after picking up only one point in 3 games. >> for more news, information and more bundeslig, you can
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visit our website. that wraps it up for this edition of "the journal". thanks for watching. saw new developments over the scandal of the united states secret surveillance program. they focused on the journalist. wasonday, david miranda making headlines, the partner of the guardian journalist who broke the story. transitting through heathrow airport, he was held for nine hours. he was carrying files back to his partner. >> they asked me questions about my life. they took my computer, my video games, cell phone, everything.
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guardian newspaper said it had also come under pressure from authorities after publishing the stories. the editors said ages came to their offices and oversaw the destruction of computers and hard drives holding files leaked by snowden. >> i explained there were other copies, not within the uk. so i could not see the point of destroying one copy. but because we had other copies, i was happy to destroyed a copy in london. >> the behavior of british authorities to criticism from around the world. to publish more revelations about surveillance activities and his partner said he would sue over his attention. -- detention. >> a team of weapons inspector started their work in serious, investigating whether chemical weapons had been used.
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commission does not extend to investigating which widside used them. they are excited to visit three sites. later in the week, there are were calls for the mission to be expanded. familyain's royal published the first official pictures of prince george monday. family snapshots taken by the duchess of cambridge's father. george was born on july 22 to a media frenzy. he is third in line to the throne. of egypt's most influential man was arrested in cairo tuesday. he is the leader of the muslim brotherhood. he was charged with incitement to murder. the muslim brotherhood said their protests will continue despite almost all of their leaders being in custody. the supreme guide of the muslim brotherhood is
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important to us. we are in pain. but this arrest will not affect our operations at all or our peaceful right to protest. betweentandoff islamists and military backed government that has been running egypt since toppling morsi continued this week, with more violent clashes. 25 policeman were killed. 36 members of the muslim brotherhood died while being held in the police van. says there will be no reconciliation with those who use violence. pakistan's former military courtmusharaf appeared in , charged with failing to present -- prevent the murder of benazir bhutto. he was present when the former prime minister was assassinated. musharaf has denied all charges.
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prosecutors say he failed to give benazir bhutto enough detection. musharaf is facing trial in several other cases. there was more bad news from japan's fukushima. 2 1/2 years after the disaster at the nuclear power plant. tepco said, around 300,000 litres of radioactive water have leaked out of the storage tank. it is the worst breach since the accident in march 2011. they said they would not check hundreds of other tanks to see if there are any more leaks. german chancellor angela merkel later reassigned to stay in memory of the victims of the holocaust. she was the first german chancellor to visit the site of the dachau. seenaid germans could have
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what was happening and could never again will close their eyes to attacks on defenseless people. after chemical weapons inspectors arrived, opposition groups reported a gas attack in damascus. video posted online showed people being treated in a hospital, along with dozens of bodies. activist said the government had sent rockets loaded with gas into the area which has been under heavy attack by government forces.s ome opposition groups say that the death toll was over 1000. the government denies using chemical weapons against his people. >> everything that has been said is absurd, primitive, illogical and fabricated. what we say is what we mean. there is no use of, co-op and at all. -- of chemical weapons at all.
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it is easy to prove. from arounde calls the world for the inspectors to investigate. russia, a strong ally of president assad, called on the government and rebels took walk rate. -- to cooperate. u.s.military court in the sentence a soldier to 35 years in jail for the biggest leak of classified data in america's history. bradley manning leaked more than 700,000 documents to wikileaks, including a video of a u.s. helicopter gunning down civilians and journalists in baghdad. supporters said he needed to be protected as a whistleblower and called for his release. >> i was not surprised but i was horrified, heartbroken, disappointed.
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it is horrible to hear that sentence. >> one being solidarity with bradley manning who was sentenced today to 35 years in prison for reporting war crimes. and two, we are here to send a message to the president. >> after being sentenced, bradley manning announced his intention to live as a woman. and makef him in a wig was submitted by the defense during the trial. he says he wants to be known as chelsea. in germany, police had to intervene to keep a part with rival protesters. far right have been demonstrating outside since the hostel opened. anti-racist protesters say they were there to protect asylum- seekers. the former school is supposed to house 200 people from war-torn countries such as afghanistan and syria. report lamedny, a
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in competence for the authority's failure to realize a gang of neo-nazis was behind a string of murders targeting ethnic minorities. truurks murder turks. >> but the chairman says the police were not fundamentally racist. we have't think institutional racism in our security forces, but we have individuals who do not belong there. >> the committee said it could not find out why secret service files were shredded after the group was uncovered. the chairman said stupidity seems the most likely explanation. >> in egypt, the former president mubarra was freed from jail on thursday. he was transferred to a military hospital where he was placed under house arrest. he is charged with complicity in the killing of protesters during the 2011 revolution. he was convicted last year and
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sentenced to life in prison. but he appealed and was given a retrial. also saw the opening of the trial of bo x ilai in china. he is accused of corruption. in court, he attacked the prosecution witnesses, including his wife whom he described as insane. it is china's highest profile trial in decades. bo was a leading figure in the communist party. his supporters say the charges are politically motivated. wasn zimbabwe, mugabe sworn in for another five years as president. he led the country since 1980. he vowed to press ahead with transferring foreign companies to black zimbabweans. and dismissed claims from western countries that the elections had been rigged. --yes, today, is the
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the anglo-saxons who dare contradict africa's verdict over an election and the bo -- in zimbabwe. who are they? gift ofgave them the seeing better than all of us. >> at 89, he is the oldest serving leader in africa. friday, prayers in lebanon were shattered by car bombs. the explosions targeted two mosques in tripoli. coming over a week after a bombing in the south of beirut. many lebanese sunnis support serious'yria's rebels. >> a change at the top for
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microsoft. steve ballmer resigned on friday after 13 years in charge. he took over from bill gates and ceo in 2000. companyving behind a struggling to keep up with the shift from pc's to smartphones and tablets. other companies such as apple and google have left microsoft behind. the company is worth less than half what it was when he took over. shares soared on the news he was going. ino in the u.s., a wildfire california raged out of control this week. by friday, the fire was covering more than 400 square kilometers and had crossed into the 70 national park. -- the yosemite national park. twofire forced
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hydroelectric power stations that supply san franciso to be closed down. the fire's been spread by low humidity, dry trees, and strong winds. and that c
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>> if you want to see the future of china, come to a village school in rural anwu, where every child is learning english. giving birth to a male child or a female child is equally as good.


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